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$79.99 50W 55W Car Regular / Slim HID Conversion Kit

55W HID conversion kit
This HID Conversion kits includes:

2 HID Bulbs
2 55W Digital HID Ballasts
2 Mounting Bracket
All Necessary Wiring and Connectors*
Installation Manual

All of our HID products are E4 and ISO-9001:2000 Approved. They are
manufactured under the strictest of quality control. The ballasts are also
shockproof and 100% waterproof (you can literally submerge the entire kit
and it will still function properly). Installation is Plug-N-Play and is simple
enough for a first time installer to do in 20-30 minutes. Our kits plug right
into your existing headlight assembly and all necessary hardware for
installation is included.

Upgrade from the standard Halogen to the brilliance of HID technology today!

What is HID?
HID (High Intensity Discharge) refers to lighting technology that relies on
an electrical charge to ignite xenon gas contained in a sealed bulb. A
normal halogen bulb uses a filament which can burn out in as little as 200
hours. HID light bulbs are gas filled capsules that are rated for a lifespan
of nearly 4500 hours. HID light bulbs also shine much brighter due to this

Unlike halogen bulbs, HID's emit a type of light that closely resembles
natural daylight and is therefore easier on human eyes. In fact, HID light
bulbs are currently used in most sports arenas, stadiums, and train
stations worldwide. Don't be fooled by lower end Xenon replica bulbs sold
at most retail shops. They are no match for the intensity, purity, and
efficiency of high intensity discharge headlights.

HID Bulb Size: H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H10(9145), H11, H13, 9003, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9008, 5202, 880, 881

check link below to find out what type bulb fit your vehicle:


Available Options:

Ballast Type:

Battery Relay Harness:

Bulb Type:


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50W 55W Car Regular / Slim HID Conversion Kit

Fast service, good prices, it works, what more could you ask ..

Fast service, good prices, it works, what more could you ask for. ...
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